Our Seaweed


Part of the great health benefit of seaweed is because it filters and absorbs nutrients from its surrounding waters. This means that for maximum nutrition, with no nasties, those waters need to be absolutely pure and uncontaminated.

Our organic seaweeds are wild grown in the cold, pristine, nutrient-rich waters of the far north Atlantic Ocean. They are sustainably harvested by hand in season, then air-dried, milled and packed.

The drying process removes over 90% of the weight of the seaweed. So the dried seaweed is very rich in nutrients. In this state, the flavour is highly condensed. The milled seaweed tastes wild, salty, and minerally – no further processing required.


One of the reasons seaweed is so tasty is because it is high in umami.
Umami is the recently recognised fifth basic taste (in addition to sweet, salty, sour, and bitter) that ‘turns on’ our taste receptors. It is a savoury flavour often found in fermented and aged foods such as cheese, cured meats, soy sauce, and Vegemite. These food are also very moreish. Perhaps that’s why umami is sometimes described simply as ‘deliciousness’. Umami has the property of not being so tasty by itself, but when combined with the other flavours like sweet and salty, the overall result is massively enhanced ‘deliciousness’. We dare you to try our Super Seaweed Popcorn and stop at one bite.


The most super of the superfoods:

Seaweed is an algae, not a plant. As such, it does not get its nutrients from the sand or rock that holds it in place. Instead seaweed draws directly from the wealth of marine elements that surrounds it. Seaweed is the most mineral-dense natural food on the planet. It is a true superfood that has been dubbed ‘The Kale of the Sea’.

Seaweeds contain all the minerals that our bodies need and have the highest number of vitamins, minerals and trace elements compared to any other food group. Seaweeds can contain 6 X more folate than kale, and up to 4 X more magnesium. They are higher in protein than meat and contain 10 X more calcium than milk.

Seaweeds also strengthen the immune system, and cleanse the colon to improve digestion and absorption.


Almost all seaweed collected and handled correctly is edible. But different seaweeds have different flavour and nutrient profiles.

The variety of seaweed we use in our Super Seaweed Popcorn is Porphyra Umbilicalus (nori), which is particularly nutritious. In its fresh state, this is a red seaweed which darkens and changes colour when dried. The highest quality dried Porphyra Umbilicalus should be nearly jet-black in colour. Between 30 and 50% of its dry weight is protein (that’s more that 2 x chicken or almonds). Porphyra contains roughly the perfect 1:1 ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid (compared to most modern diets which are deficient in omega-3). It also contains 10 x as much vitamin A as spinach.

Porphya Umbilicalus has a distinctive, slightly sweet flavour that does not overpower. So it’s a perfect match for the lightness of popcorn.